Pokemon ash gray review

I 've successfully beaten this game it did not take that long as...well its a Pokemon game. Not enough to ruin the I 'll tell my opinion to you although there could be some bugs here and there.

Images I give the sport a-10 for images its like and a game many pokemonashgray.xyz it's excellent graphics.

Overall I give this game a 10 general since it's considerably,much to offer when I performed it was like the anime was being seen by me all over again.



The story line(as I discussed earlier) is merely like the anime(with a few movie events)and even has the same end , therefore I give the story a 7.I understand,I know why seven why not a 10 or 9 well it was predictable as it adopted the japanimation almost totally the same so maybe not to large a mark for the story


For Degree I give this game a-8 it has much to offer and may be harder/better for new players who haven't performed or observed the primary( ,original or GEN1 whatever you desire to call it) sequence but for classic gamers it is simple and clear therefore maybe not really good for original players-but great for fresh players.


S O to summarize this game is going to not be more difficult for gen 2 and s O players than gen 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. In this game but I found it more easy to finish than other games so yeah perhaps not as hard as other games. S O thanks for using your time I hope this helps you and looking over this review

It took me a little while to beat this sport but it really is obviously a Pokemon game and only danger is you'll drop a few of your money if your pokemon ash gray pass out so yeah I give the issue a again this really is very challenging for newer gamers and they're going to probably find it harder than classic(maybe not likely to state what I stated thorough again)players.


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